Spam or Ham?

by franklyscarletnails

This will be a less verbose post, as I’m in exile and posting from a remote part of Russia, in a mysterious cave I now inhabit with my good friend, the Yeti. Just kidding. It’s exam-time,  which means (in no particular order) procrastination, panic, potato chips and poor self-control in the face of online shopping. I’ll be MIA over June Gloom, so I thought I’d sneak in a short post showcasing a few manis I’ve worn, but haven’t blogged. It’ll be picture heavy with little text, I hope you don’t mind!

My Weaster mani. Essie’s Marshmallow is a milky white jelly that required two coats. On top of this, I have two coats of Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air on my index and ring fingers. This mani was pretty disappointing, what with Marshmallow bubbling (check out my thumb) and GITA having the scantiest amount of glitters I have ever seen in a 15mL bottle. There’s a Revlon dupe (Whimsical) floating around, but I’ve never laid eyes on it here in Aus o_o. Anyway, Pink’s breathtaking Grammy performance was the inspiration for GITA, and it’s much more pleasing to the eye than this polish is.

Here are my tips dressed in Aura Angora by Barielle, with China Glaze’s Swing Baby on my index and ring fingers. I went through a massive mustard kick where all I wanted to wear was mustard-everything – just stopping short at dunking my fingers in dijon. Aura Angora is from the 2010 Style in Argyle collection; it’s a yellow-brown mustard creme with orange undertones, and takes a few coats to reach opacity. My bottle was a little thick, but this is the perfect mustard colour I could ever dream of, so I can tolerate a little gloop here and there. Swing Baby is a stunning classic from the 2010 Vintage Vixen collection; it’s a metallic taupe with silver and bronze microglitter (predominantly silver), and the application is so smooth and even it practically uncaps itself and magically glides on your nails. A definite must-have in any self-respecting polish collection. Apologies for the poor photo, I will definitely need to blog about SB on its own some other time.

Another polish I must lend stage-time to in the future. The colour of sticky BBQ ribs, OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ is one finger-lickin’ polish! One of my favourite polishes in the whole wide weird and wonderful world, this little baby is a real oldie, hailing from the 2005 Chicago collection. It’s now a staple in the core line, and is perfection in a bottle. The pigmentation, opacity, evenness, shine, and dry-time is without fault, and the name even has an interesting tale to tell! The polish is named after Catherine O’Leary who was publicly blamed for starting the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 – her cow supposedly kicked over a lantern in her barn which resulted in hundreds dying (people, not cows…but maybe some cows) and a large proportion of the city going down in flames. Wry humour at its best! I always grin at the tongue-in-cheek naming of this polish. It’s such a shame that the most witty and subversive thing OPI can think of these days is Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? *groan* I’m sorry OPI, I can’t ‘ear you over the deafening sound of Awful.

Finally, we have China Glaze’s Stroll from the 2009 Retro Diva collection. It’s a deep burgundy almost-jelly, jam-packed with red glitter and gold glass flecks – it is absolutely stunning, and my photo does not do it any justice whatsoever! The gold flecks are noticeable in the bottle, but translate a smidgeon less on the nail. A very classy polish with no issues that I can immediately recall, this required 2 or 3 coats for a silky smooth finish. Versatile and sultry, I can see this suiting both cool and warm-toned skin, in any season.

Please accept a terrible macro shot:

And that’s it, folks! Have a wonderful month of polishing your pretties. I’ll catch up with you all when I crawl out of my black hole, Yeti in tow. xd