Essie Lacy Not Racy & Barielle Elle’s Spell

by franklyscarletnails

Happy April – the month of fools, dubiously oversized rabbits delivering chocolate, and where good TV comes to die. And quite literally, in the case of The Walking Dead (yes, this is the correct use of the word “literally”. For anyone (Kristen Stewart) who has ever said “I would kill for him, literally”, kindly educate your pitiful selves (self) with this infographic). Did Michonne’s epic zombie-towing entrance also induce you to scream “OMG YES, OMG YES, OMG OMG YES” repeatedly and poorly punctuate the air with a flurry of fist-pumps whilst barely containing your bodily functions – literally? Yeah…me neither.

I’ve gone polish-less for about two weeks owing to peeling thumbnails and weakened nail tips. These polish purges happen every so often, and I don’t do anything to aid the healing process besides avoiding the bottle altogether. My nails naturally strengthen pretty fast and I’m almost always inclined to begin the cycle again with a red mani – this blog ain’t called franklyscarletnails without good reason ;)

This week, I had a play with Essie’s Lacy Not Racy and Barielle’s Elle’s Spell. This is two coats of Essie underneath one coat of Barielle, with one coat each of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat.

Under shade

In sunlight

Lacy Not Racy is a vampy wine-red jelly (creme polish/pigment in a clear base that gives a watery/translucent jelly-like finish which is usually sheer and requires 3-4 coats for VNL-free coverage; however, jellies make up for this sheerness by imparting an extremely glossy finish without the use of a top coat) that gives full and smooth coverage, with minimal application issues. The only trouble I encountered was solely personal as a lack of practicing manual dexterity over the fortnight incurred involuntary spasms in my hands, so I do apologize in advance for the messy manicure. In keeping with the nature of jellies, Lacy Not Racy is a chameleon and can morph from vintage cherry-red in the sunlight to a vixen blood-red in low light. The dramatic range in colour depth is dependent on the number of coats you apply; I only used two (as I was planning to top it off with Barielle) and it is definitely not enough to conceal VNL – three is best. Lacy Not Racy is part of Essie’s core line and I highly recommend it; what’s not to love about a sultry red and a cutely provocative name!

In sunlight 

Elle’s Spell is a popular staple in Barielle’s collection, and is a flakie (best used for layering, these contain irregular sized flakes suspended in a jelly base; the flakies are often duochrome and stand out more against a deep dark polish like black or blue). This is a well-documented flakie that has made the trip around the blogosphere thrice and has surely reached more physical mileage than Jessica Watson. Elle’s Spell put Barielle on the polish map, if you will. The bottle itself positively resembles a jelly sammich – behold!, a very dense amount of amber flakies that flash peridot-green, suspended in a dark red jelly base. I adore the warm glow cast from the golden flakies and they are evident even indoors. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite capture the shifts to green, as they only appear in certain angles, and the flash is strongest in direct sunlight. The base is thin (barely affecting my base colour) and I imagine it would take a good 3-4 coats for an opaque finish, so I would reserve this beauty for layering only. Nevertheless, the bottle is packed to maximum capacity with flakies that generously coat the nail in one clean swipe. I had no issues with the BF3 formula (smooth), finish (fast dry time & shiny), and brush (standard thickness, similar to Essie brushes), and will certainly be sampling more of Barielle in the future.

Under shade 


This mani is just too gorgeous. It perfectly captures a firelog that’s just been stoked, flames dancing in a shower of golden embers to trap the shadows on the wall…

I was inspired to wear this combination after Lucy from Lucysstash posted a to-die-for-but-not-literally combination of Barielle’s Lust and Elle’s Spell. I am still on the hunt for Lust, but in the meantime, Lacy Not Racy was the closest match I could find and it turned out to be an apt substitute.

Hope you all had a great start to April and someone fooled you good.

Say, did anyone get excited at Adblock’s joke?

Yeah…me neither. xd