GingerKittyDesigns Jewellery

by franklyscarletnails

So I mentioned a few weeks back that I ordered my first jewellery package from Tracey Barker, creative nail polish extraordinaire of GingerKittyDesigns fame, and today they miraculously arrived on my doorstep, delivered by a phalanx of storks (I am so in love with these babies, they might as well have been). I cannot stop marveling at the pure ingenuity of combining nail art with jewellery. So simple, yet brilliant. I tip my hat off to you, Tracey!

I had good intentions of using my day off from uni to catch up on study and taka-taka away at the computer, but the sun was beckoning and I decided to pop outside to take a few sunny snaps of my new beauties as I just couldn’t resist a quick review post!

First up, we have the very popular Liquid Euphoria Bliss Oval Ring. If you’re a well-versed lacquerhead, you’ll know how hard it is to come by this infamous, discontinued rainbow “duochrome” nail polish, a prized possession among the few, and a constant Holy Grail-esque quest for many. I have a slim-to-none chance of ever acquiring this for my collection, so to have it in an everlasting ring form is just as good as the real deal and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to wear this rarity on my digits in a different way. I would like to thank the generous people (especially Andrea, who stoked this craze into a fire!) who send in decants of this precious polish to Tracey so the rest of us can experience the dazzling magnificence of “unicorn pee” (contemporary slang for the equally rare Clarins 230, the dupe for Bliss; isn’t the nail polish community endearing?), and of course, to Tracey herself for handcrafting these unique treasures and making them readily available for the rest of us :)

Roll over for an enlarged view

You can tell this one loves to bask in the sunlight. From the whispers of reports that trickle in from the underground élite (i.e. the lucky ones who have this polish and were happy to share it over the blogosphere), Bliss is a sheer and insanely shimmery polish that is best used for layering to bring out the rainbow shifts in colour. From my collage above, you can see that it constantly sparkles and reflects a myriad of colours from every angle, even in low light. Let me assure you, it is just as gorgeous in person and I’d describe this as a mood ring for adults (because we all remember how tacky those were, girls – and boys!). The oval ring is light, and the silver band is non-adjustable. I’ve seen photos of other Bliss rings that have adjustable bands, so if you’re concerned about the fit, ask Tracey what she can do for you because she is very friendly and more than happy to help.

Next up is a pair of antique bobby pins, created with Unicorn Puke Version 2.0 aka Cult Nails Clairvoyant. As the brand would suggest, this is also highly sought after with an international MIA status. Apparently the ingredients of Clairvoyant are hard to come by and this stunning flakie layering polish is encroaching endangered species territory. Again, I have no clue how to get my mittens on Clairvoyant, so I am perfectly happy for its current use in taming my mane. Ask for Clairvoyant over black if you’re interested in ordering these.

My final purchase is a matching Clairvoyant locket to complement the bobby pins. The speciality of Tracey’s online boutique service is that she can make customizable jewellery from her extensive list of polishes. Think Nfu-Oh flakies, Glitter Gal holographics, Ozotics, crackles and water marbles in a variety of pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings! If the polish you need is unavailable,  you can send her a decant of your own supply and she can make it for you, no dramas. My locket comes with a standard 18″ silver plated chain but I like my necklaces a little longer and Tracey was able to offer a 20″ for me instead.

And last but not least, because Tracey is a lovely person and a total sweetheart, she included stud earrings to travel as au pairs in my package! Imagine my delight in opening the golden gift box and pulling out these cute button earrings. My Clairvoyant trifecta is now complete, thank you ever so much for the surprise Tracey, I adore it!

The jewellery takes 2-3 weeks to design and create, and another week+ for international shipping, so be mindful of the worthwhile wait.

I hope you enjoyed this hasty review and the shonky images (I use my iPhone 4s to capture photos, and then a free app for macro shots which often wigs out. What of it?) and again, I’d like to extend a huge thank you and gigabytes of cyber hugs to Tracey for bringing these wonders into our colourful polishing world! Happy Tuesday! xd