Essie Splash of Grenadine

by franklyscarletnails

The first week of a new semester always brings out the shoe-scuffing Billy Madison in me, and for the record, yes, I do think shampoo is better than conditioner, and swans really need to stop looking at me. It’s been an overwhelming start to fourth year already, but here’s to hoping it’ll be a challenging and experiential year of learning and that my ego remains intact! I just returned from a Career Expo and while I am still two years off from working in “the real world”, it feels great to have an idea of where I want to be in the years ahead. (Oh, did I tell you that my amazing boyfriend, schooled in the trade of ninja skillage, surprised me with Radiohead tickets from the blink-and-you’ll-actually-miss-it presales this week? I KNOW, RIGHT! He’s a keeper ;) It’s going to be unreal, I can’t wait for Nov 16!)

I wanted to ring in the start of the academic year, the end of summer, and the infrequent rarity that is Leap Day (unfortunately, I forgot to cry and wear blue and yellow so I have to wait another four years until I can trade my tears for candy from Leap Dave William, boo) with a chitty chitty bang bang and a pop of colour, so I donned Essie’s Splash of Grenadine on my tips, with Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow on my accent nail. For reference, I have two coats of Essie, and one coat each of Deborah Lippmann, Orly Bonder Base Coat and Poshe Top Coat.

Splash of Grenadine is a difficult colour to accurately describe and capture on camera. It’s not pink and it’s not purple, nor is it even the colour of grenadine syrup, but it’s somewhere in between where a happy medium exists. I find the colour so gorgeously unusual and fresh that even the least pink-polish-wearing lacqueristas among us can get a punchy kick out of it. I don’t usually wear pink on my nails which is ironic as my first foray into the world of polish was with OPI’s Princess Charming collection which basically features six nail polishes in varying shades of pink in a multitude of finishes, but Splash of Grenadine is definitely a funky pinkish “girly” shade that isn’t too precious and has more character than your standard plain pink. I used two coats for this mani just to even out a few bald spots and I barely suffered any unsightly chipping over the course of a week. It applied smoothly for an Essie polish which has galvanized me to try more from this brand in the very foreseeable future as it seems they have finally reached the point of creating beautiful shades with consistent and reliable formulas. Splash of Grenadine dries to that creme-jelly hybrid finish that we’ve come to expect from Essie and I just love the shininess, glossiness and semi-squishiness of it all! Whilst it is a very cool shade owing to the lavender leaning undertones, I think it suits my warm skin tone quite well and even makes my skin look tan somehow (this is astonishing as I do my best to stay out of the scorching path of that giant orb of fire visibly radiating cancer in the sunburnt sky, and I’m always in broad-brimmed hats with layers upon layers of sunscreen in the summer, so my attempts at avoiding the harsh Aussie sun are successful and I stay quite pale all year round), and so I would advise all the fake-tanned ladies out there to ditch the Oompa Loompa products and get the hell on to Splash of Grenadine. I received many compliments on this mani from my uni friends, who all gushed over how “pretty” and “perfect” the colour is. Splash of Grenadine came out in 2010 as part of Essie’s Resort collection, but it’s a staple and can easily be found online and in department stores and nail salons.

For the curious and trivia night diehards, I did a spot of research concerning all things grenadine (originally prepared from pomegranate juice, rather than the mixed berries and artificially flavored mixtures we find masquerading as grenadine at the supermarket) and came across more than just a homemade French recipe for one of their most popular drink syrups.

Are you ready? Here we go:

  • Originating in ancient times and native to modern-day Iran, the pomegranate is mentioned in the Quran and the Bible with scholars believing it to be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, rather than the apple
  • Many cultures (Chinese, Hinduism and Christianity to name a few) attribute symbolism of prosperity and fertility to the pomegranate, with the Ancient Greeks believing it to be the fruit of married love and a cure for infertility due to the abundance of seeds
  • Also on the topic of Ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate is the fruit that bears us four seasons. Hades tricks Persephone into eating a seed of a pomegranate and in doing so she is forced to remain in the Underworld as his wife for a few months in the year during which her mother, the harvest-goddess Demeter, grieves and punishes the earth by forbidding any growth, creating our autumn and winter. When Persephone returns to Mount Olympus, Demeter makes way for spring and summer with blossoming flowers and crops to welcome her daughter’s arrival
  • In Azerbaijan, a Pomegranate Festival is held annually to find the best pomegranate-inspired dishes, fastest pomegranate juicer and biggest pomegranate produce. Every year a new champion is crowned for the pomegranate-eating contest – the winner must have the immune system of a god!
  • The pomegranate is a recurring motif in many medical logos and historical coat of arms (Catherine of Aragon, Columbia, Grenada)
  • The military grenade is named after the “pomme-grenade” (French for pomegranate) as soldiers likened the explosive projectile weapon to the exotic fruit’s shape.

On another note that is wholly unrelated to the cultivation of pomegranates but relevant only in the name, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean island chain where the first two films from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was filmed. Untainted by tourist exploitation thus far, remote coves and beaches that were once a true pirate realm are free for exploration and visitors are encouraged to island-hop their way around the idyllic archipelagos.

I WANT TO GO TO THERE (fully Sunsmart of course).

The other polish I want to show you is Boom Boom Pow. Yes, it reminds us all of Fergie and I’m mildly induced to throw myself into the path of a ravenous python, but it was actually inspired by a photo shoot Lippmann attended where Kate Moss posed nude, adorned only in gold jewellery. Lippmann wanted to recreate the effect and gave us the stunning glitter top coat I have before you today.

I’ve only got one coat here, and it was the perfect amount – not too chunky and not sparse either, with just the right mix of varied glitter flecks and shapes. The cosmic explosion contains 24-carat gold dust, iconic Lippmann hex glitters both large and small, and tiny circular gold glitter. Extravagant and mesmerizing, it applies evenly and smoothly without leaving a gritty finish. I do find that the gold dust alters the base colour slightly, so be mindful of using a thin coat. I’m obsessed with gold jewellery (this works well as I have a nickel allergy and can only wear gold anyway!), gold nails and shoes, so I just had to drop the dollars on this baby and I don’t regret it in the slightest. Released as part of the Holiday 2010 collection, it is a staple and is a few dollars more expensive than her regular line due to the luxe ingredients. All Lippmann polishes are BF3.

Merci for reading and bonsoir! xd