An OPI Jelly Sammich!

by franklyscarletnails

I love a good sandwich. I love stowing them away carefully between bag compartments so they don’t get squished before lunch at uni. I love pottering in the kitchen and making them for my boy which is a huge slap in the face to feminists everywhere, but I’m so bread-happy I don’t even care. I created a short-lived, amateur, wholly-shitty comic called “Ham and Cheese” many years ago that might still be circulating in the cesspool of the internet. My sammich-making skills may leave much to be desired, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a delightfully messy work of gastronomy and I’d sooner die than take a fork to it. I like my cucumber sandwiches with their crusts on, thank you very much Grand Hyatt – this is not a crumpet. Not even the late David Carradine could make cutting crusts off cool in Kill Bill 2. The punniness of Holden Caulfield eating a cheese sandwich was not lost on me in Catcher in the Rye (eh eh? RYE). On The Road is all about beatniks making sandwiches and eating them, then driving around and eating some more sandwiches and I love it. I love that the history of sandwiches can be traced back to the Earl of Sandwich. I am a full-fledged sammich-eating monster and I will morph into Liz Lemon if anybody steals my sandwich on Sandwich Day. Don’t even get me started on the ongoing burger quest with my boy. PBJs aside, this post is not really about sandwiches of the edible kind, nor is it about this:

but more of this:

Colloquially known as the jelly sandwich or candy manicure, this is a fantastic way to layer multiple polishes and show off glitters and flakies.

Jellies (creme polish/pigment in a clear base that gives a watery/translucent jelly-like finish which is usually sheer and requires 3-4 coats for VNL-free coverage; however, jellies make up for this sheerness by imparting an extremely glossy finish without the use of a top coat) are my favourite type of polishes and there is definitely a deficiency of these in my collection – a problem I have dealt with in a swift, and somewhat ashamedly, (un)”timely” manner.*

The jelly sandwich is easily created using one or two coats of a jelly polish as the base colour, then a coat of glitter or flakie on top of that before finishing the mani off with a final coat of the same jelly, resulting in a visually-delectable sammich of sorts! You can probably use an appropriate creme polish as the base, then the glitter/flakie, and a jelly on top of that for the same effect.

This was my first time wearing a jelly sandwich, and it certainly won’t be the last! I am wearing two coats of OPI’s Houston We Have A Purple, one coat of OPI’s I Lily Love You, and one overlaying coat of HWHAP. For reference, I have one coat each of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Color Club Speedy Top Coat, bringing the total amount of layers on my nails to SIX. A tad ridiculous, but it’s day five already and I only have minor tipwear with barely any chips. I hadn’t worn these OPIs before so I thought it was high time to get them off the bench and on the court à la Jeremy Lin, and boy did they deliver (on a sidenote: he outplayed Kobe today! Move over Yao Ming memes!)!

(Feel free to rollover for an enlarged view)

Houston We Have A Purple is from OPI’s 2011 LE Texas collection, and was widely marketed as a “sorbet” polish, which is just a fancy word for our beloved jelly. I have rued this dubious marketing many times on my blog, but I’ll sideline my grumblings for today. This was the only polish I bought from the collection, and I adore it! It’s a medium-toned “purple” that leans heavily on the red side and comes across as almost-magenta outdoors, and deep berry indoors. I have no problem with the sheerness of jellies and I found the formula to be spot-on; it is a dream to apply and only three coats are needed to reach full and even opacity. My only issue is not being able to wrap my tips, but this is very much a first world problem for nail polish addicts such as myself.

I Lily Love You is from OPI’s 2011 LE Nice Stems collection and it’s a hybrid polish of flakie (best used for layering, these contain irregular sized flakes suspended in a jelly base; the flakies are often duochrome and stand out more against a deep dark polish like black or blue) and glitter! The base is a very sheer pink jelly, with multi-sized circle and square iridescent glitters and large flakies making up the confetti explosion in the bottle. I see all the colours of the rainbow in this; the polish mostly flashes pink, but there is green, orange, yellow, red and purple in there too. The flakes do need some cajoling in lying flat so you may need to manoeuvre your ProWide Brush accordingly. One coat gives a dense amount of glitter and flakie on the nail, but it does have a thicker consistency and tends to dry bumpy/gritty so a generous layer of top coat is needed to smooth everything out.

I love the outcome of this little jelly experiment. These OPIs complement each other so well, they should have come in their very own duo package or, better yet, a Snap Lock bag. The final layer of HWHAP does not dramatically affect the flakies – you can still make out the flashing glitters and chunky flakes captured under the surface. This mani has so much dimension, and is incredibly juicy and squishy; I love the ripe raspberry colour and I think this will suit all skin-tones. Will definitely wear this sandwich again. Possibly a cute mani for Valentine’s Day?

And finally, just for laughs:

It sure is! xd

* I broke it, and I plan to break it again. My NY Resolution that is. Yes, all you naysayers were correct. I was weak. Worse, I was poor. I am now very poor. But I just had to get a few of the A England Legends, some “must have” jellies from Transdesign and a few nail polish jewellery items from GingerKittyDesigns. And then I just had to outbid someone on Ebay, just ’cause. There’s a blip in my system, I have no self-control, it’s not even six weeks into the new year, WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

Nevertheless, I don’t actually regret the decisions my wanton trigger-happy fingers have made. Yes, this time (as with all the other times I’ve backtracked on my polish-spending limits) these polishes really are unique to my collection, and I can’t wait to add them to my drawers of bottled happiness. But seriously, from now on… no more…at least until mid-year, seeing as this resolution has now been resolutely tossed out the window. NO MORE, I SAY. Watch me get out of this one alive.