Revlon Copper Penny

by franklyscarletnails

You got a fifty dollar bill put yo’ hands up! OH OH OH OH

Well, not really. I’ve got a penny though! Presenting my first polish purchased in 2012: Revlon 932 Copper Penny! I found this little beauty waiting for me at a Terry White Chemist in Camberwell after fruitless local searching so my wonderfully enabling boyfriend bought it for me, and as a result my resolution is still intact – MAKE NOISE!

Here I have two coats of Copper Penny and one coat of Deborah Lippmann‘s Happy Birthday over my accent nail. For reference, I have one coat each of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat.

How freaking stunning is she? Copper Penny is a new shade from the 2011 Heavenly Metals collection and I have a feeling it may be LE. It is a copper metallic shade with a foil effect and is opaque in one coat (more details below). What impresses me most is the minimal drying time and the smooth, sparkly, streak-free application which I am not used to with Revlon polishes and certainly not with metallics! Many an American has likened this to their 1c pieces/pennies, but as we Aussies no longer have bronze 1c coins in circulation, I am going to liken this to lying on a bed of gilded autumn leaves at an apple-juice sunset right after you’ve finished your final exam for semester one at the Royal Exhibition Building and the possums come out to forage for food. Autumn is my favourite season and I’m certain I’ll be wearing this shade throughout!

I should also spare a word for the beloved Happy Birthday – The One that spurned a whole new generation of dupes (OPI Rainbow Connection, Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada, Milani Gems). It is a smorgasbord of multi-coloured and multi-sized glitters in circular and hex shapes that explode like unicorn puke in one coat without descending into kitsch, and trumps any kind of double rainbow. Deborah Lippmann is hard to find in Australia so I buy mine on Ebay at reasonable prices.

For those thinking they see dupe potential, I couldn’t help but notice that Copper Penny resembles butter LONDON’s The Old Bill

While The Old Bill is a straight up metallic, Copper Penny has very fine silver and gold microglitters added to its mixture which creates the foil effect that I mentioned earlier. They both have a predominantly metallic finish and give full coverage in one coat, with Copper Penny having a smidgeon more orange in its bronzed base. Both are extremely flattering on my warm skin-tone. You probably don’t need both in your collection (Revlon retails between $10 -14 AUD, and butter LONDON at $19.80 AUD here), but for the nail-obsessed, the glory that is Copper Penny is not one to pass up! As I said before, this may be LE, but seeing as this came out last year and I managed to find it a few days ago, you just might have good luck in picking up this penny. xd

UPDATE: A month after gleefully snatching up Copper Penny, I’ve actually noticed it popping up on local pharmacy shelves recently and I’m inclined to believe that it is not LE. The other polishes from the collection (Gold Coin, Silver Dollar) have also been spotted, and since they all have a product number assigned to them, I’m thinking they are here to stay :) I am so pleased this is up for future repurchasing because I’m positive I will never tire of this warm, autumnal beauty!