Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean & China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve

Oh hi Mark.

I honestly don’t know where an entire quarter of the year has gone since my last post, but regardless, hey, hi, let’s jump out of the time warp and bust down some of this polish addict’s paraphernalia like the AFP once again.

Without further preamble, this is what I’ve dipped my tips in this week:

Be still, my beating heart!

This dazzling duochrome mani is absolutely bewitching and you’d be forgiven for having your jaw drop lower than Bieber’s…er, voice.

Before I delve further into this two-part review, this is what you need for this enchantingly ethereal look: two coats of China Glaze Blue Year’s Eve under one coat of Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean, with one coat each of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Dare to Wear Top Coat.

The “undies” of this mani, if you will, is Blue Year’s Eve from the China Glaze 2011 Let It Snow! Holiday collection, and it is one of those signature glass fleck polishes that CG mix to perfection. Glass fleck finishes are typically semi-sheer jelly-base polishes with highly reflective micro shimmer flecks evenly mixed throughout that resemble tiny particles of glass and give great depth and dimension to the overall look. Blue Year’s Eve is a stunning deep-sea blue with electric blue, silver and violet shimmer and a very subtle purple duochrome shift that only appears at certain angles, and is therefore very difficult to capture on camera. It is gorgeously saturated, inky and intense and packs a royal punch as a statement mani alone. One coat is thin and streaky, but two will build the jelly-base to acceptable opacity and meet the shimmah tick of approval; the no-fuss application inherent to CG polishes makes it easy to manipulate and the finish is extremely sparkly, smooth and shiny (the above photo is without top coat) especially under direct sunlight, that I wouldn’t reserve this bold beauty for just the holiday season. I may have mentioned this before, but I am not particularly fond of cool blue nail polish as they usually don’t complement the yellow undertones in my skin, but this is exceptional and definitely my favourite blue to date! Take a bow, China Glaze!

I could have worn Blue Year’s Eve alone, but curiosity got the better of the feline in me, and I gleefully layered on one coat of a highly anticipated polish from my most recent Llarowe haul: Girly Bits’ colour-shifting layering polish – Cosmic Ocean!

A lovely lady by the name of Pam is the one-woman force behind Girly Bits, an ever-coveted indie nail polish brand that is becoming more and more popular among the blogosphere. Cosmic Ocean is a universal favourite, and I finally have the great pleasure of presenting it here in my humble blip of the internet.

From Pam herself, Cosmic Ocean is “a blue/green/purple duo-chrome, which is completely stunning and whose true beauty can not be captured by the camera. It looks amazing over dark blues and greens,” and this, like the gyroscopic hips of Shakira, is No Lie (and equally as, if not more, mesmerizing).

Cosmic Ocean looks quite unassuming, sheer and delicate in its Swarovski crystal-embellished bottle, yet this is but a CLEVER PLOY. It comes to life and induces transient ischaemic attacks with just one coat when layered atop a suitable pair of fundies (IMHO, Blue Year’s Eve is the perfect base), where it gives off a spectacular duochrome shift that actually makes wearing a flannel shirt and flip-flops completely acceptable (guilty as charged). Duochrome polishes are the chameleons of the lacquer family; they are shimmering polishes that reflect two or more different colours depending on the light and angle, and the colour shifts are often very strong and obvious. Here, I can see flashes of deep blue, bright blue, green, teal, and a strong purple that is further enhanced by the ever-so-slight purple shift intrinsic to Blue Year’s Eve. The best photo I could muster of this duochrome is the first photo in this post, so scroll up to ogle this baby some more!

I adore this combo and am so amazed that the enthralling depth in Blue Year’s Eve is heightened with just one coat of this magical polish that I’m certain I could experience vertigo lying face-down (shh, let me have this joke). The application is even and excellent, and one coat is all you need for impressive full coverage.

This mani conjures tropical images of lush lagoons, expansive mineral lakes and pristine beaches in my mind’s eye. So, I’d like to leave you with a few photos of Mother Nature’s organic artistry at work as a visual epilogue to this rambling post. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Five Flower Lake in Autumn (五花海, Wǔhuā Hǎi), China

Five Colour Pond (五彩池, Wǔcǎi Chí), China